Urban Farming Tour & Worskhop in Tel Aviv


Tour Description

A rooftop vegetable farm and garden in Tel Aviv

Learn about growing vegetables at home with soil-less methods

In this workshop you will learn the theory of growing plants without soil and be able to take it to practice for the easy, high quality and rapid cultivation of vegetables, using the hydroponics and aquaponics methodology.

This workshop is suitable for everyone: those who are just curious and those who want to raise quality food on their rooftop, balcony or even the windowsill.

The main goal is to make you feel the desire to start (or continue) to grow your own vegetables at home, and to give you the tools to do it yourself!

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to urban agriculture
  • A tour of a seasonal vegetable garden
  • Hydroponics – advantages & disadvantages, worldwide models & trends
  • Different types of systems – choosing the right system, specifics of each method
  • Measuring & monitoring water
  • How to run a hydroponic system daily, weekly & monthly
  • Home bio-gas – production of natural gas from organic waste
  • Learning how to assemble a home hydroponic system, operate and plant in it

Duration: 90 minutes

Details: Friday, 10:00 am

Location: Tel Aviv, 50 Dizengoff street

Urban Farming Tel Aviv
Pictures courtesy of Gil Hovav

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Departure day/s: friday
Duration: 1 day
Tour orientation: general
Your final price per person is: $400


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